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Ted Roop
Phone: (705) 795-1523
    • Detailed Service Description

    • Radio and Television Commercials: Ted has a very Strong, fun, and commanding read and suits most any spot.  Whether you're looking for a deep, ballsy hard sell or a sympathetic, soothing soft sell Ted can pull it off.  Character voices are something else that Ted can do for you.

    • Internet and E-Learning Narrations: Ted has a very warm, convincing read for narrations and e-learning presentations.  If you're looking for casual or serious.  Ted can do it.

    • Radio and Television Imaging: Ted has a very booming, powerful read that is pleasant, strong and unique.

    • Experience: Ted Roop has been a professional broadcaster for over 12 years now, 8 of which have been spent hosting morning shows.

      Ted's experience in voice (outside of being on air) is in pre-produced voice documentaries, narrations, on hold voice messages, character reads and TV and Radio commercial reads for various clients including car dealers, electronics stores, marinas, etc...

      Ted does a lot of 'announcer' and 'hard sell' reads...but he can also do a deep voiced, caring 'soft sell' read as well.

    • Education: Ted graduated from Fanshawe College's Radio Broadcasting course in 1998.

      12+ plus years in the Radio Industry.

      Currently Director of Programming for a chain of Ontario Radio Stations (Country and Classic Rock)

      Ted is also an experienced TV and voice actor.

    • Studio: Our studio is located in an acoustically controlled, soundproofed environment and has everything needed to give you the high quality product you desire.  Our Behringer microphone features a Professional 1'' gold-sputtered dual-diaphragm for unsurpassed audio quality, delivering a warm, full sound.   Our high quality sound is mixed through a premium ultra low noise Behringer Xenyx State-of-the-art, phantom powered preamp mixer.  We edit all audio files using Adobe Audition 3 for professional audio production.  Whether you are looking for radio or television imaging, commercials, multimedia voiceovers, website imaging, narrations or e-learning materials, our studio and professional delivery can do it.  Request a quote or an audition today. 

    • Studio Equipment

    • Behringer B2-Pro Studio Microphone

    • Behringer Xenyx 1222FX Premium 16 input / 24 bit Multi FX Audio Mixer 

    • Adobe Audition 3 Software 

    • Dell Studio XPS 730X Workstation

    • Behringer  B2031P Studio Monitors 

    • Behringer C3000 Studio Headset Monitors 

    • DiskGo External Storage Drive

    • Digiflex  N3-XX XLRM Microphone Cables 3'

    • Studio equipped with ASI  PYR2-22 Acoustic Absorbing Foam Panels 

    • Delivery Methods: E-mail or delivery to ftp sites

    • Turnaround Time: 1 - 2 Days

Payment Terms: Pay Pal, Cashier's checks, Money Order

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