Toronto Voice Talent

Taylor Davis
Phone: 647-457-7007


My name is Taylor Davis I am 26 years old and I would love to work for you. I am very serious about my voice work and I am willing to do anything to get the job done. The demo I have attached to this site is primarily commercial based. I have a strong control over the inflections of my voice and know how to create that emotional tone you are looking for, be it something fierce or tender, I can do it. I am also more than capable at creating characters and interacting with other performers. I am heavily trained in improvisation and am a university graduate so if you need someone to edit your script or give input on how to make things sound more crisp and concise, I am more than happy to help. I only want to exceed your expectations and give you the best performance available. I hope we will be talking soon and I appreciate the consideration.

Respectfully yours,