Toronto Voice Talent

Shawn Maroney
Phone: 416 705-2677

The voice of "Generation X"...Shawn sounds like the guy next door... genuine, sincere, believable. He has a unique voice, with a medium pitch and he has just enough confidence. His narration is natural and likeable with a raspy, smooth style.

Shawn is quickly becoming quite well known for his youthful, natural and conversational swagger. Definitely  upbeat and fun. When matters are closer to the heart Shawn is a passionate, kind, thoughtful soul and makes you feel like he is someone that you can trust.

When you hire Shawn, you get a passionate call to action, voice actor. An  instructional, engaging, yet motivational professional. Which is ideal for eLearning, online business, corporate presentations, documentaries and commercial campaigns.

Don't get him started with characters! He's got some real gangster voices...from Christopher Walken, to Joe Pesci and some "Shawn Says It" originals that will have you rolling on the floor with laughter!

Boss Entertainment is Shawn's company. His professional studio provides ready to air, broadcast quality audio and has Source Connect with ISDN capabilities.

Please visit Shawn's website for testimonials, demos, past and present projects and detailed information about his services.