Toronto Voice Talent

Cesar Torreblanca
Phone: 905.271.8136

I was born in Lima, Peru and started doing voice-over work 10 years ago.

My accent when speaking Spanish is considered neutral which is why my voice is appropriate for all Spanish-speaking audiences.

I have been involved in many aspects of the voice recording industry. From script creation to proof reading, from recording to editing. My priority is to deliver a product of superior quality.

I have done recordings for radio commercials, self-guided tour recordings for museums, instructional material, corporate sales videos and narrations for audio books. My voice is consistent, convincing and well-toned.

Depending on the requirements, it may be formal or casual, calm or enthusiastic, fast or slow paced. I record in Spanish but can also read scripts in English if a slight Spanish accent is desired.I have all the necessary equipment to produce a fully finished recording and can submit the file in one of several formats: .mp3, .aiff, .wav or Ogg Vorbis.

Always looking forwards to my next project...!